Is It Better to Cook Whole Chickens or Parts?

With apologies to my vegetarian readers. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow with a recipe for winter squash quiche. Recently I compared the advantages of cooking fresh over bulk cooking and freezing. Today I consider cooking whole chickens versus chicken parts. Advantages of Cooking Whole Chickens Usually costs more, if bought in parts Cutting […]

Chicken Salad with Ginger, Garlic, Basil and Green Onions

Wednesday is Recipe Day at Cooking Manager. We rarely ate chicken salad growing up. My mother’s style was Eastern European, and I think chicken salad is more American. Chicken salad, though, has solved a problem for me. We like roast chicken, but most of my family prefers dark meat. Leftover roast chicken breast can be […]

Interview with Michelle Mitton of Scribbit

I’m please to host Michelle Mitton for today’s interview. Michelle blogs at Scribbit, listed by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top five motherhood blogs. When she’s not rushing around the kitchen to feed her husband and four children (two are teens), Michelle reads and writes and keeps an eye on her garden […]

Easy Recipes Using Leftover Chicken

On the Cooking Manager Facebook page (have you “liked” it yet?) I asked readers to share ideas for leftover chicken in response to Aviva Hadas’  comment on 13 Smart Ways to Manage Your Leftovers. Leftover chicken, especially white meat (the kind that is usually left behind in my house), requires special care. Because white meat […]

Handle Raw Chicken Safely to Prevent Illness

I read in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that there’s been a seven-fold increase over the last twenty year in the number of children hospitalized with intestinal ailments caused by campylobacter, a bacterium commonly found in raw poultry. More than half of children admitted to the hospital for intestinal problems tested positive forthe bacterium.

The newspaper (print, Hebrew version) reviewed safe methods for handling raw chicken:

From Tuna Surprise to Persian Chicken: Interview with Ariela

1. Name, location, family: Ariela Gordon-Shaag, 42, Yishuv Alon, Israel. My husband is DH (dear hubby), a 7th generation Jerusalemite and we have 5 kids: N (boy -15), R (girl -14), A (boy – 12), N (girl – 7) and E (boy 2.5)

2. What do you remember about family meals when you were growing up? What was your mother’s cooking style? Dinners were made using canned soup as a main ingredient. My mother’s specialty was Tuna Surprise – the surprise being that it does not have tuna in it.

One-Pot Meal: Chicken with Vegetables

Note: I republished this post because it was accidentally deleted. Wednesday is Recipe Day at CookingManager.Com I like to make this quick meal for Friday night when I don’t want to turn on the oven. It will give you a lot of leftover pan drippings, so use them wisely. Serves 4-6. Ingredients: One whole chicken, […]

Adventures in Holiday Leftovers

In our house we just finished a round of holidays. I couldn’t bear to put the leftovers into the freezer, but I wasn’t sure I had enough for a full meal. Here’s what I had: 60 grams of cooked chicken breast and a neck. chicken stock with some onion and winter squash several cups of […]