Make Your Leftover Sauce or Gravy into a Complete Meal

Reader Ariela sent me this message: I had a “Cooking Manager Moment” yesterday and I “owe” dinner to you. All we had leftover was the sauce from a goulash. My husband had made a delicious goulash with meat and veggies, only 2-3 cups of the sauce were left. I remembered something you wrote about your […]

Ten Kid-Friendly Foods Using Leftovers

You’re a good cook when you can make a delicious dish from fresh ingredients. But creating something new based on leftovers is especially satisfying. Those of us who value frugality and conservation are proudest when our unique leftover-inspired creation are enjoyed by everyone in the family.

Every home cook has to manage leftovers one way or another. Serving leftovers as they are is the easiest and often the tastiest. But when they aren’t enough for a whole meal, or you suspect there won’t be takers, leftovers can enhance your next cooking project.

Never try to recycle food that is starting to spoil. Spoiled food cannot be salvaged. You will ruin the entire dish and risk getting everyone sick. Always examine food carefully, and heat leftovers thoroughly before serving.

Need help with organizing your leftovers? See Thirteen Smart Ways to Manage Your Leftovers

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Easy, Tasty Fish Stock

If you ever buy fresh fish cut into fillets, make sure to take home the trimmings too. You can use them to make fish stock, which is a wonderful base for any kind of soup containing mushrooms, lentil, beans, grains, onions, or whatever you have on hand. You can also use it as a base for sauces or cream soup. Store covered in the refrigerator for a few days, or freeze in small containers for later.

You can ask the fishmonger if he has extra trimmings, but make sure they are fresh.

Pumpkin Soup with White Wine and Rosemary

Wednesday is Recipe Day at Cooking Manager. My husband bought some pumpkin in the market, so I improvised with this easy, tasty soup for our holiday meal. I got the idea to use wine from a recipe in The New Vegetarian Epicure, but I didn’t have leeks or some of the other ingredients called for. […]

Mushroom-Barley Soup

This healthy, vegan/vegetarian low-fat mushroom barley soup takes ten minutes of preparation and a a little more than an hour to cook.

Interview with Kate: Maple-Ginger Butternut Squash Soup

Please welcome reader Kate for today’s interview and recipe.

1. Name, Family, Location, Website. Kate, One Tired Ema, Modi’in, Israel. Married with a daughter (5.5) and a son (3.5).
2. Describe family meals and your mother’s cooking style. My mom cooked really great, homey food. Nothing terribly fancy or restaurant quality, but I don’t remember complaining much. My stepfather was on a very low-sodium diet long before it was trendy, and my mom adapted to cooking without salt by using interesting spices and herbs.

Twenty Tips to Avoid Soup Powder or Canned Broth

It’s funny to be writing a post about substitutes for soup powder or canned broth. Soup powder was invented as a shortcut to making soup the good old-fashioned way. With apologies to my vegetarian readers, the best soup is made by simmering bones or meat in water for a good long time.

Why not use powder or cans? Processed soup may contain monosodium glutumate, starches, artificial flavors and preservatives and excessive amounts of salt. Monosodium glutumate adds flavor but gives some people stomach problems. And while we do need starch and sodium in our diet, it’s better to have control over how much and in what form.

Soup powder is meant to add flavor and texture. But we can do that with simple foods that we have at home. Try one of two of these techniques the next time you make soup. Adjust flavors along the way, write down your successes, and soon you will find yourself making great soup from scratch.

Reader Ruth and Roast Vegetable Soup

Please welcome reader Ruth Kilner for this week’s interview. Name, location, family: Ruth Kilner, originally from Scotland, currently from Jerusalem, married to James and mother of 3 adorable girlies: Esther (6), Shira (4 1/2) and Tehilla (3). Tell me about your mother’s cooking style and your family meals as a child. Meals were always eaten […]

Reader Interview: Fern Richardson

Please welcome reader Fern Richardson, author of the excellent urban gardening blog Life on the Balcony. Name, location, family: Fern Richardson; Fullerton, California; Husband & four cats What was your mother’s cooking style? My family very rarely ate meals at home, and when we did it was one of a handful of meals (fish sticks, […]

Beet Soup with Cumin and Ginger

My mother made borscht frequently. My father enjoyed it, me not so much. She served it hot with quarters of cubed potato for a meat meal, and cold with sour cream for a dairy meal. When my husband bought more beets than I knew what to do with, I decided to make borscht too. Then […]