Andriano Cattaneo on Starting Solids for Babies

As part of the online Gold Conference on breastfeeding, I attended a webinar with Italian physician Adriano Cattaneo entitled “Principles for the Introduction of Starting Solids.” Dr. Cattaneo’s comments on prepared baby foods reminded me of my post about what makes processed foods bad. His reasons for avoiding jarred food for babies include: Contaminants like heavy […]

Starting Solids, When and Why: Feeding Babies Frugally, Part II

This is the second in a four-part series on Eating Frugally. Part I: The Early Months appeared last week. Part III: Starting Solids the Easy Way Part IV: Making Your Own “Convenience Foods” for Babies Sign up to recieve future posts  by email or RSS Reader. You can save money on your baby’s food by […]