Making Gradual Changes: Bread

Over the years I buy fewer ready-made foods and cook more at home.  As my family grows, the time I spend cooking pays off more in terms of both time and expense. A box of packaged cereal seems to disappear in minutes, and even two pizzeria pizzas won’t feed a family of 8 that includes […]


Putting Food in Perspective: Strategies to Prevent Food Issues

Obesity is growing at epidemic rates, along with anorexia and other eating disorders. My mother used a variety of strategies that I believe helped her children develop a healthy attitude toward food. I can’t say that I have no food issues, and genetics play an important role, but I still think her approach served us well.

My mother:

  1. Served appropriate servings on individual plates. Click to read my analysis of the advantages of this approach.
  2. Served a healthy, varied, and fresh dinner for the family every day at the same time.