Friday Roundup #26

The week of January 17, 2010 at Cooking Manager.Com:

Have you ever foraged for wild edibles? You can read about my experience at the Middle Eastern environmental blog Green Prophet: Five Wild Plants You Can Pick Yourself.

I started off the week on this blog with a look at an Efficient Cooking Session

Reader Fern Richardson got interviewed and shares a rich, vegetarian recipe for French Onion Soup. Next week we’ll hear from a French reader, Ilana-Davita.

I hosted the Festival of Frugality #213, with money-saving tips from around the internet.

Reader Ilana shared a tried and true recipe for Rice Pudding in the Microwave.

Finally, I offered Refreshment Help for Hosts, with suggestions for light foods to serve guests.

Thank you all for reading and commenting, and I’ll see you next week.