My Worst Cooking Disaster

A food blogger friend once advised me to take down a picture I’d posted. Her philosophy is that food bloggers should only post pictures of beautiful and tasty food. I listened to her and removed the photo. But today I decided that this is a rule made to be broken. After all, you folks don’t […]

Some Like It Cold: Summer Soups

This is my third post on summer cooking. See also Cool Summer Cooking Tips and Healthy and Tasty Summer Salads. Most of us have been programmed to enjoy hot soup. Yet there are a few soups that most of us eat cold, and summer is the right time for them. Cold soups that come to […]

A Look at an Efficient Cooking Session

As a challenge, I decided to see if I could prepare two Shabbat (sabbath) meals in an hour, not including cooking time.

Here’s the menu:

  • Roast chicken with garlic, lemon juice, and oregano
  • Potatoes in the pressure cooker
  • Roast vegetables: Turnip, onion, garlic, beet, sweet potato, yellow pepper, rosemary.
  • Cholent (a stew in the crockpot)
  • Techina (sesame paste dressing).
  • Cake, challah and soup from the freezer. I try to separate baking from cooking when I can, because they use different ingredients and tools.
  • Salad, made by my kids closer to the meals.

Do Picky Eaters Inhibit Your Cooking Style?

Some readers have family members that can’t eat certain foods because of allergies, intolerance, or medical conditions. But when they are just picky, it gets annoying. You are left with the choice of making what you want and having the child eat something else, or going along and winding up with a dish you don’t enjoy so much.

The Bar Mitzvah Cooking Session

This post contains details of how I cooked the meals for my son’s bar mitzvah. This system can work whether you are cooking a large number of meals for one or two people, or one meal for a lot.

The most time-consuming parts of most cooking jobs are shopping, preparing vegetables, and washing up. So make sure to allow enough time for these.

Cooking Spreadsheet

When I have a lot of cooking like I do today, I often prepare a chart to add up how many of each vegetable I need to prepare. Today, the day before the two-day holiday of Rosh Hashanah, I got the idea of making it into a spreadsheet, and Leora suggested I blog about it.

I’m hoping to embed it into this post, but I can’t tell yet if it will work.

Cook While You Rest: Four Ways to Get Started When You are Short on Time

It’s Tuesday, the day for Time-Saving Tips and Techniques at Today I share techniques to get a jump start on cooking, with just a few minutes of investment. Allow chemical processes to do the work until you can give the recipe more attention. Soak beans. Soaking cuts cooking time and lessens flatulence. To prepare […]