Below are my favorites posts from Cooking Manager. You won’t find these topics on most other cooking sites. I love to think about why and how we eat and prepare foods.

Food Philosophy

Evaluating the True Cost of Foods–Food quality should be an important part of your buying decision. What are you really getting with cheap food?

Do You Admit to Guests that the Food Isn’t Great? Ever have a dish that didn’t turn out so well?

Putting Food in Perspective: Ways to Avoid Eating Issues My mother’s attitude toward eating.

Individual Plates or Family Style? Thinking about how we serve food and how it affects our choices.

Food Memories of My Father My elderly father teaches me a recipe from his childhood.

Extreme Frugality: 20 Memories of My Mother One of my most popular posts.

Why You Should Finish Everything on Your Plate Not what you are expecting.

Why Is Processed Food Bad? We hear that processed food is bad, but what makes it so?

My Worst Cooking Disaster (great comments)

How to Cook with a Baby in the House (adjusting to parenthood). Having a new baby requires a major adjustment in our approach to cooking and other tasks.

The Secret to Great Home Cooking It’s simple, really.

Time and Money-Saving Tips

Healthy Last-Minute Dinners Great ideas here.

The Best Little-Known Water-Saving Tip This will cut down on your utility bills.

To Tofu or Not to Tofu: Best Substitutes for Dairy or Meat (guest post by Leah Goodman)

Are Slow Cookers Really Energy Efficient? This is a myth, apparently.

Use Your Dishwasher to Wash Produce The most-shared post on my site.

Thirteen Smart Ways to Use Leftovers It helps to plan how you will use your leftovers before you start cooking.

How I Cut My Baking Time in Half This was a revelation to me.

Simple Microwave Recipes For those new to microwave cooking.






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