10 Great Reasons to Cook Fresh Black Beans

The kids are back in school, and while the heat hasn’t let up, the smell of routine is in the air. I just finished cooking a pot of black beans, and am enjoying anticipating how I will use them. Beans take a while to prepare, although less than you might think because soaking isn’t strictly necessary. If you’re […]

10 Super Ways to Use Spinach

How to Cook Spinach in the Microwave is one of the most popular posts on Cooking Manager. Preparing spinach in the microwave is quick and mess-free, and nearly foolproof. After cooking fresh spinach, whether in a microwave, pot, or pressure cooker, you can use it in a variety of recipes. I usually chop some, and […]

How to Spot Insect Infestation in Dried Beans with Pictures

A few days ago, I wrote about the reasons that beans may not get hard after cooking. Today I’ll address a different issue that also relates to beans that may have not been stored carefully: infestation. To avoid problems of infestation of grains and legumes, first follow the suggestions in my earlier post on how […]

Why Are My Beans Still Hard after Cooking?

Have you ever soaked and cooked a batch of beans, only to find that they never really got soft? The main reason for beans that are still hard after cooking is the quality of the beans. Drying beans preserves them for a long time, but not forever.  Even if you just got them, they may […]

Jerusalem Artichoke Adventures

Jerusalem artichokes actually originate in North America, although they grow well in any hot climate. They contain inulin, a dietary fiber that may help diabetics. Inulin can also cause gassiness. “Jerusalem” is probably a corruption of girasole, which means “facing the sun.” Sunchoke, the official name for the tuber, probably led to the artichoke misnomer. […]

Colombian Food Adventures and Pan de Yuca

At my recent visit to Colombia, I was served yuca bread by my cousins in Bogota. They explained that the egg-shaped concoction is a traditional Colombian bread made of yuca flour and cheese. . I had never heard of yuca, but after some research I learned it is made out of the starchy root vegetable […]

How to Cook Fresh Spinach in the Microwave

Looking for spinach recipes? Try 10 Super Ways to Use Spinach I love to write about the vegetables everyone hates. I’ve been getting my latest favorite, spinach, nearly every week. Spinach has a reputation for being very healthy, and contains large amounts of iron and calcium. Unfortunately, spinach also contains oxalate, which prevents you from absorbing […]

Is Eating Local a “Green” Thing to Do?

I’ve started listening to podcasts, especially when I’m cooking. One of my favorites is Freakonomics, where economists and others debunk common assumptions that affect the way we make decisions. This intriguing episode, You Are What You Eat 2, asked whether eating food grown locally will help the environment. Santa Barbara is in the top one […]

Does Rice Need to Be Washed Before Cooking?

Tonight I cooked the Brown Rice with Leeks, Carrots and Black Lentils. Actually, it had onions instead of leeks and burgul in addition to the brown rice. I’m mentioning this because of a comment by reader Ariela, who asks why I washed the rice and lentils. Fortunately Ariela is a loyal reader. Even though I […]

Video: How to Cook Fresh Artichokes

Fresh artichokes are in season in the northern hemisphere. They look funny and take a certain amount of effort to prepare, but if you make a few at once it’s worth it. Here’s the video I made explaining how to prepare artichokes for cooking. Artichokes are a classic food for pressure cookers because they cook […]