Reader Interview: First Time Away from Home

Please welcome Alex for today’s reader interview. If you’d like to be interviewed, contact me. Introduction: I’m Alex from the United Kingdom, Currently Living Alone, but recently moved out of my parents’ home which was host to a closely knit family of four.  I’m the owner of the Cheap Living Blog and am currently trying […]

Reader Interview: Katherine Martinelli

Since starting this blog I’ve enjoyed interviewing a wide range of home cooks about their family memories and everyday cooking. Today I’d like to welcome food writer Katherine Martinelli. Introduce yourself! My name is Katherine Martinelli and I am from New York City, where I have lived most of my life. My husband and I moved to Be’er […]

Reader Interview: Chanale

 Please welcome Chanale for today’s interview. Introduce yourself! I’m Chanale, an orthodox singer/songwriter/stay-at-home-mom, that prefers the studio to the kitchen. My husband is a Sefardi who loves a good (fancy/complicated) meal but unfortunately was short-changed in that department. We live in Brooklyn with our 2 daughters, who, like their Mom, enjoy simple food. I blog all […]

Karen Hyams and the Compost Cookies

Please welcome reader Karen Hyams for today’s reader interview. Tell me about yourself. I’m Karen – I live in the forest outside Seattle, WA with my husband and teenaged son. My husband does not eat meat, and my son’s diet keeps changing. He currently eats everything in sight. I have two web sites; The Daily Grind, […]

Reader Interview: Emily Segal and the Exploding Cake

Please welcome Emily Segal,  a Holistic Nutritionist living in Kfar Saba, Israel. Four years ago, she and her husband made aliyah (immigrated) from New York with her two sons and Labrador retriever. She writes at Triumph Wellness. What do you remember about family meals and your mother’s cooking style when you were growing up? My mother is […]

Reader Interview: Nina the Rugby Player

Please welcome Nina and her unusual expertise in culinary arts, thanks to her Italian-German ancestry. I’m Nina, 40ys old, stay-at-home-mom and rugby player, peer-to-peer breastfeeding counselor, Italo-German living in Bremen, Germany, have 2 children and a husband plus a demented grandmother I care for. Here’s my cooking blog: which is pretty abandoned as I have […]

Interview with Sara from My Fun Frugal Life

Please welcome Sara for today’s interview. Be sure to check out her moving post, describing how she told her husband about her credit card debt. Please introduce yourself. I’m Sara, the thrifty living mama behind My Frugal Fun Life. I have three young children, a husband, a puppy, 2 birds, and a 110 gallon aquarium […]

Interview with Canadian Reader Kelly

Please welcome Kelly (Elisheva) Milotay from Victoria, BC, Canada. She has three kids – Akiva is 4, Benjy is 2, and Mia is 1, and is expecting another in early summer. She used to be a middle school teacher but is now a full-time stay-at-home-mom. My husband works for the provincial government. What do you […]

Interview with Cleveland Reader Chavi Cohen

Please welcome Chavi Cohen for today’s reader interview. Chavi is married with two adorable little munchkins, 22 months and 3 months. Read more about her on her blog, Harvard Housewife. What do you remember about family meals and your mother’s cooking style when you were growing up? My family almost always had dinner together.  My […]

Interview with French Transplant Roz Chapman

Please welcome Roz Chapman for today’s reader interview. Rosalyn Chapman grew up in the Midlands area of England and now lives in Sixt Sur Aff, South Brittany in France with her husband Paul. Her two sons Daniel and Michael live near by, and she’s a grandmother to Michael’s son Kenzo. What do you remember about […]