Ten Essential Tips for Preventing Kitchen Accidents

Last Friday evening, after I lit the Sabbath candles, we heard a sudden deafening noise from the kitchen. I headed over to investigate despite my husband warning me away. He was sure the kitchen was about to explode.

Save Time and Money by Washing Fewer Dishes

Whether or not you own a dishwasher, cutting back on the amount of utensils you cook with can save you time and money. If you rely on disposable, some of these will work for you too.

Adopt these tips to wash fewer dishes:

1. Have the whole family eat with their fingers straight out of the pot. (Okay, that was a joke. Did I have you going there for a minute?)

My Mother’s Homemade Baking Mix

In “Cheaper by the Dozen,” the hero experiments with his twelve children to develop his love of motion study. He called bathroom stops “unavoidable delays” and while there is the sense that not all of his children appreciated his methods, my mother also avoided repeat movements.

One of the most time-consuming tasks in my mother’s kitchen was sifting flour. Following Betty Crocker’s instructions, she always sifted before measuring for accuracy and to keep the flour airy. So sifting, adding dry ingredients, and cutting in shortening in one large batch made it easy to put together pancakes, waffles, muffins, cornbread and simple cakes in a short time. The baking mix recipe and chart, pictured above, was the result.

Preparing for a Holiday Cooking Session

Tuesday on CookingManager.Com is for Time-Saving Tips and Techniques.

With a round of Jewish holidays on the way, I have a lot of cooking ahead of me. Advance preparations can help things run smoothly. (I think you’ve heard that before.)

  • Make room in your refrigerator, freezer and pantry. Categorize as follows:

Avoid the Emergency Run to the Store

Skipping that extra trip to the store helps you develop your cooking skills and use up older ingredients that might have ended up in the garbage. You’ll save time, stress, and money.

11 Tips for Painless Kitchen Cleanup: Start from the Beginning

Tuesday is the day for Time-Saving Tips and Techniques at CookingManager.Com.

For most of us, cleanup is the part of cooking we enjoy least. But if we think about it before we start we can make the job easier.

  1. Start with a clear workspace. Clutter is hard to clean and leads to accidents and spills.