Expert Tips for First-Time Hosts

With a round of Jewish holidays coming up, a lot of readers may be expecting a crowd. Smadar Saltun interviewed two caterers, Ronit Bronfman of Mazal Taleh and Anat van der Walt of Sodexo, about how to entertain a large number of people while still enjoying yourself. Van der Walt points out that when cooking for 15-30 as […]

My Excellent Couscous Adventure

In advance of a food blogger’s night out with author Gil Marks, I leafed through his book The World of Jewish Cooking. The recipe for Couscous with 7 Vegetables caught my eye both because it was vegetarian (optional) and a special Rosh Hoshanah dish. In the end I was under too much pressure before the […]

What’s In Your Refrigerator? (II)

Last year readers enjoyed sharing what they had in their refrigerators after the holiday, so I thought I would ask again. Remember, you don’t have to be after a major holiday to play. I’ll start off by sharing what’s on my stove. I put up a pot of soup to preserve some of the leftovers. […]

Rosh Hashanah Menu Planning and the Vegetarian Child

This year, Rosh Hashanah falls on Wednesday night through Friday afternoon, seguing right into the Sabbath.  That means four main meals of the holiday, and two meals for the Sabbath. My teenage daughter and I finally came up with a menu plan for Rosh Hashanah. My daughter doesn’t eat any kind of meat or fish, […]

Friday Review #37: In Memoriam, Mirj Interviews Me, and Rosh Hashanah

Condolences to reader Miriam and family on the death of her mother, Rachelle Isserow. Both Miriam and her mother have been interviewed here at Cooking Manager. I never had a chance to meet Rachelle, although we corresponded a few times, and I regret that. I met Miriam at last, when I went to pay a […]

Spicy Tongue with Garlic and Allspice

Long-time readers will realize that this recipe is unusual for Cooking Manager, where I tend to focus on more frugal ingredients. There’s a story behind my choice. A local reader asked me how to handle a large package of sliced, frozen tongue.

Honey Cake in the Food Processor

This traditional honey cake contains only two tablespoons of oil, but honey, coffee and spices make it satisfying and tasty. This recipe makes two generous loaves. I serve one on Rosh Hashanah, and freeze the second for dessert before the fast of Erev Yom Kippur. Wrap the cake carefully and it will keep well for […]

Rosh Hashanah Tips and Recipes

If you’re celebrating the Jewish new year of Rosh Hashanah, you’ve probably started to plan. Traditional foods for Rosh Hashanah include anything sweet and round. Specific foods include round challahs, apples dipped in honey, fish, the head of a fish or lamb, fish in general, cabbage, carrots, black-eyed peas (apparently common in secular new year’s celebrations), pomegranates, dates, and beets. And I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few.

I’ve collected some links for Rosh Hashanah. Some are from my other website. I’ll be posting a low-oil honeycake recipe on Wednesday.

Preparing for a Holiday Cooking Session

Tuesday on CookingManager.Com is for Time-Saving Tips and Techniques.

With a round of Jewish holidays on the way, I have a lot of cooking ahead of me. Advance preparations can help things run smoothly. (I think you’ve heard that before.)

  • Make room in your refrigerator, freezer and pantry. Categorize as follows: