Ethiopian Lentil Wot (dip) and Injera

Hello, dear readers! I am reviving the website with two Ethiopian recipes that my 20-year-old son tried over the weekend. After the recipes, I’ll share a short review of a few new products from a company called Yoffi. After high school, my son spent a year volunteering in a town where he interacted with many immigrants from Ethiopia. He’s […]

10 Great Reasons to Cook Fresh Black Beans

The kids are back in school, and while the heat hasn’t let up, the smell of routine is in the air. I just finished cooking a pot of black beans, and am enjoying anticipating how I will use them. Beans take a while to prepare, although less than you might think because soaking isn’t strictly necessary. If you’re […]

My Vegan Son Cooks Vanilla-Scented Orange Soup

My son became a vegan just a few weeks ago. After graduating high school last spring, he decided to spend the year volunteering in a town with a low socio-economic population. He and the other teens in his program volunteer during the day, and cook together in the evening. My son helps weak students in a high […]

Cabbage-Carrot Casserole with Cheese Sauce

When I see butter and hard cheese in a recipe, I usually skip it. But the recipe asks only for small quantities, and blogger Jenny described how her kids fought over the last piece. My pickier eaters did not appreciate it, but the rest of us loved it. Next time I’m invited to a pot-luck […]

My Excellent Couscous Adventure

In advance of a food blogger’s night out with author Gil Marks, I leafed through his book The World of Jewish Cooking. The recipe for Couscous with 7 Vegetables caught my eye both because it was vegetarian (optional) and a special Rosh Hoshanah dish. In the end I was under too much pressure before the […]

Teenagers and Healthy Eating: The Challenge

This is the first in a series on teenage nutrition and eating habits. How can we guide adolescents toward healthy and practical food choices? One day my teenage son was visiting my sister-in-law, who has small children. My sister-in-law offered lunch to my son. She told me later that he “inhaled” the food! Larger quantities […]

Rosh Hashanah Menu Planning and the Vegetarian Child

This year, Rosh Hashanah falls on Wednesday night through Friday afternoon, seguing right into the Sabbath.  That means four main meals of the holiday, and two meals for the Sabbath. My teenage daughter and I finally came up with a menu plan for Rosh Hashanah. My daughter doesn’t eat any kind of meat or fish, […]

Mushroom Soup with Tomatoes

Mushroom soup is my all time favorite. This one can be vegetarian or not, and contains only a few flavorful ingredients. Thanks to reader Aviva-Hadas for sharing.   Recipe: Mushroom Soup with Tomatoes Ingredients 2-3 onions, chopped 4 cloves garlic, finely chopped or pressed 2-3 tomatoes (preferably fresh), chopped 1/4 cup olive oil Approx. 2 […]

Winter Squash Quiche

My husband and my littlest one are out of the country, and who wants to cook for only the four of us currently at home? But I decided to make a quiche, since one would do for all of us. I was out of mushrooms, so I used the fresh winter squash I had just picked […]

Recipe: Brown Rice with Leeks, Carrots and Black Lentils

Black lentils are a wonderful delicacy introduced to me by Yosefa. One day she also gave me some leeks that needed to be eaten, so I made this recipe loosely based on one in Lorna Sass’s cookbook. Recipe: Brown Rice with Leeks, Carrots and Black Lentils Summary: Pressure cooker vegetarian meal-in-one. Ingredients 1 tablespoon oil […]