Mushroom Soup with Tomatoes

Mushroom soup is my all time favorite. This one can be vegetarian or not, and contains only a few flavorful ingredients. Thanks to reader Aviva-Hadas for sharing.   Recipe: Mushroom Soup with Tomatoes Ingredients 2-3 onions, chopped 4 cloves garlic, finely chopped or pressed 2-3 tomatoes (preferably fresh), chopped 1/4 cup olive oil Approx. 2 […]

Chicken Salad with Ginger, Garlic, Basil and Green Onions

Wednesday is Recipe Day at Cooking Manager. We rarely ate chicken salad growing up. My mother’s style was Eastern European, and I think chicken salad is more American. Chicken salad, though, has solved a problem for me. We like roast chicken, but most of my family prefers dark meat. Leftover roast chicken breast can be […]

Hearty Winter Pea Soup

Wednesday is Recipe Day at Cooking Manager. I love to have a rich soup in the house, especially in the winter. The main reason is laziness. You don’t have to stand over soup, and a little over-cooking doesn’t hurt. Add some wholesome bread, home-made or store-bought, and a salad, and you have dinner in a […]

Honey Cake in the Food Processor

This traditional honey cake contains only two tablespoons of oil, but honey, coffee and spices make it satisfying and tasty. This recipe makes two generous loaves. I serve one on Rosh Hashanah, and freeze the second for dessert before the fast of Erev Yom Kippur. Wrap the cake carefully and it will keep well for […]

Low-Fat Vegetarian Chili

Wednesday is Recipe Day at Cooking Manager.

Reader Viviana sent me this recipe for vegetarian chili. It comes from the Weight Watchers cookbook. Chili is great because it contains vegetables and legumes, and cooks in one pot. If you have leftover cooked vegetables, meat, broth, or grains,you can add it in. And you can skip the instant broth, too.

Is the preparation time less than twenty minutes? If you have cooked beans on hand, and chop quickly, than yes. But you can also wash and prepare the vegetables the evening before, or at any point during the day.

Making a Traditional Food Healthier: Blintzes (Cheese-Filled Crepes)

We all remember traditional holiday foods from our childhood. But as adults, do we make adjustments in the recipe to make it healthier? I use blintzes, the fried, cheese-filled crepes served on the Jewish holiday of Shavuot (Pentecost) as an example.

Recipe: Low-Fat Turkey Chili in Crock Pot

This is an easy, filling, and very flexible recipe with a vegetarian option. Double it and save half for an extra meal (or two).

Rapes in Potage (Turnips)

Wednesday is Recipe Day at Cooking Manager. For the next few weeks I’ll focusing on recipes that are kosher for Passover, as well as gluten-free. This recipe was submitted by reader Devo:

Here is a recipe I made once for a medieval feast. You can use any combination of root vegetables in place of the turnips, carrots, or parsnips.
Rapes in Potage

Red Snapper with Lemon and Dill

Wednesday is Recipe Day at CookingManager.Com.

Yesterday I went for a walk to our local shuk (open air market).

I wasn’t in the mood to cook, so when I passed the fish stand I knew that’s what I would get. Fresh fish is so easy to make, and the red snapper cost only $5 for three medium-sized fish.

Winter Kohlrabi Salad

In the winter, root vegetables make a great base for a salad. You can use kohlrabi the same way you cabbage in cole slaw. Most coleslaw dressing will work for kohlrabi as well.

Peel the kohlrabi with a paring knife or peeler. The peel can be tough, especially the stem and root ends. For the rest, just remove the smooth outer layer and any bruises. The green layer under the skin is edible, as well as the white center.

I hope you enjoy this simple salad, made in the food processor.
Winter Kohlrabi Salad