11 Food Processor Tips for Bakers

When my friend Efrat asked on Facebook about the best tools for making bread, most people replied that they use their hands or a mixer. It seems that many people still see a food processor as a tool for slicing and chopping and the occasional cake. But if used correctly, the food processor excels at […]

Less Is More: Review of Magimix 5200XL Food Processor

A few months ago, the metal chopping blade for my Magimix 5100 food processor overheated and melted for the second time. The first time, I salvaged the machine. Since I was generally happy with the machine, already my second, and the others on the market did not appear to be higher quality, I decided to […]

Creamy Avocado Salad

This easy recipe contains only 4 ingredients. It’s easily doubled. I make it in the food processor but it’s easy to do by hand as well. The only fat this contains is the good kind—from the avocado itself. Try it with some fresh bread and a slice or two of lettuce. I mentioned this recipe […]

Honey Cake in the Food Processor

This traditional honey cake contains only two tablespoons of oil, but honey, coffee and spices make it satisfying and tasty. This recipe makes two generous loaves. I serve one on Rosh Hashanah, and freeze the second for dessert before the fast of Erev Yom Kippur. Wrap the cake carefully and it will keep well for […]

Recipe: Oil-Based Pie Crust

Pie crust is usually made with butter or margarine, both of which I avoid. In my post on creative pie crusts, reader Ilana gave a recipe for an oil-based crust. I finally got around to trying it the other day and was pleased with the texture. The recipe includes instructions for mixing by hand or with the food processor, and baking in the microwave or conventional oven.

Save Time and Money by Washing Fewer Dishes

Whether or not you own a dishwasher, cutting back on the amount of utensils you cook with can save you time and money. If you rely on disposable, some of these will work for you too.

Adopt these tips to wash fewer dishes:

1. Have the whole family eat with their fingers straight out of the pot. (Okay, that was a joke. Did I have you going there for a minute?)

Winter Kohlrabi Salad

In the winter, root vegetables make a great base for a salad. You can use kohlrabi the same way you cabbage in cole slaw. Most coleslaw dressing will work for kohlrabi as well.

Peel the kohlrabi with a paring knife or peeler. The peel can be tough, especially the stem and root ends. For the rest, just remove the smooth outer layer and any bruises. The green layer under the skin is edible, as well as the white center.

I hope you enjoy this simple salad, made in the food processor.
Winter Kohlrabi Salad

My Mom, Food Processors, and Norene Gilletz

When Ilana-Davita mentioned Healthy Helpings in her reader interview, author Norene Gilletz came by to comment. She even joined my Facebook fan page. I wrote to Norene to let her know that I would be dedicating today’s post to her.

My mother loved gadgets. She wasn’t the first to get a microwave, but when she did she read every book and article on microwave cooking she could find.

My mother loved food processors best of all. She had three Cuisinarts: One fleishig (meaty), one pareve (neutral) and one for Passover. When she wanted to make cheesecake, she called the rabbi to approve using the pareve one. Her hand movements were so limited that chopping and mixing were painful. Food processors enabled her to continue to cook for the family. If she couldn’t do it in the food processor, she couldn’t do it at all.

Carrot-Apple Salad

Here’s an easy salad, is unusual enough for a pot-luck party. No additional sugar needed.


* 4 carrots, peeled
* 1-2 apples, cored and cut into quarters. (remove peel or not, as you like)

Grilled Eggplant Dip

Wednesday is Recipe Day at CookingManager.Com. Click here to submit a recipe. Leah shares an easy recipe for the food processor: Grilled Eggplant Dip Ingredients: 1 large eggplant 1 red bell pepper 1 large tomato 1 cloves garlic 3 tbsp cup olive oil small bunch cilantro ½ tsp paprika salt to taste Instructions: Grill the […]