11 Food Processor Tips for Bakers

When my friend Efrat asked on Facebook about the best tools for making bread, most people replied that they use their hands or a mixer. It seems that many people still see a food processor as a tool for slicing and chopping and the occasional cake. But if used correctly, the food processor excels at […]

Tips on Baking with Whole Wheat Flour

Welcome to new readers who arrived from Grist.org’s excellent post by Jane Mountain on 5 Foods You’ll Never Have to Buy Again.  Have you ever tried cooking with whole-wheat flour, only to find the results didn’t turn out as well as you hoped? Cooking with whole wheat requires some adjustments in planning and expectations. The […]

Video: Rolling and Filling Hamantashen

This Sunday or Monday, Jews around the world celebrate the holiday of Purim. The traditional food is a filled, triangle-shaped cookie know n as hamantashen. You can use any cookie dough that is easy to roll and cut. I’d never made yeast hamantashen before, and I decided to experiment with sourdough. They came out okay, […]

Baking Cleanup Tips: The Bowl (with Video)

Over at Orthonomics, Sephardi Lady gave her recipe for 15-minute challah. Readers were appreciative, but complained that they dreaded making challah because cleaning out the bowl was her least favorite job. One reader mentioned not  having room for a bowl of soapy water on her counter. I was mystified. Cleaning the bread dough bowl takes […]

Video: Braid a Challah Using Two Strands

In this short video, I share how to braid a challah using two strands. I got the idea from Ted at “There’s a Fire in My Kitchen,” a blog that is now inactive. Unfortunately he didn’t show exactly how to do the braiding, so I improvised a little. You can find the recipe for the […]

How I Cut My Baking Time in Half

There’s a reason bread is traditionally made in loaves. Loaf pans keep the bread from spreading, and slices are even and easy to use in sandwiches. They also save baking time.

Burning the Candle at Both Ends: Interview with Norma Ritter

Please welcome Norma Ritter for today’s reader interview. Norma, can you tell Cooking Manager readers about yourself? My name is Norma Ritter and I live in Glenville, New York, which is just outside of Albany, the state capital. I am an ex-pat Brit who moved to the USA to marry her American sweetheart, Glenn, 36 […]