Sourdough Oatmeal Walnut Bread

The first sourdough bread I made was from  Miriam Kresh’s recipe at Israeli Kitchen. Since then I’ve made it numerous times, especially when I am hosting a meeting or party. I’ve recently made some healthy adjustments including cutting out sugar and substituting olive oil. I often add nuts, and substitute spelt for some of the […]

Whole-Wheat Pretzel Recipe

Summer vacation is here and I am always looking out for fun activities. Yosefa called yesterday and suggested we do a baking project with the kids: pretzels! This recipe calls for conventional yeast but when I have more time I will attempt to make it with sourdough. The kids enjoyed kneading the dough and molding […]

Video: Lasagne with Fresh Homemade Pasta Dough

When one of my children asked whether making fresh lasagna is worth the effort. I pointed out that cooking up lasagna noodles also takes time and energy. Pre-cooked noodles are quite expensive and don’t have the same texture. If you don’t find rolling out dough a chore, try this easy recipe for gourmet results (unappreciated […]

Burning the Candle at Both Ends: Interview with Norma Ritter

Please welcome Norma Ritter for today’s reader interview. Norma, can you tell Cooking Manager readers about yourself? My name is Norma Ritter and I live in Glenville, New York, which is just outside of Albany, the state capital. I am an ex-pat Brit who moved to the USA to marry her American sweetheart, Glenn, 36 […]

Interview: Yemeni Lahuh Bread with Penny

  • Name, family, website : Penny, mother of 2 boys, from Penniless Parenting.
  • Describe your family meals growing up. My mom used to make exotic dishes, and my friends jokingly referred to my mother’s seaweed and mold soup.
  • From Tuna Surprise to Persian Chicken: Interview with Ariela

    1. Name, location, family: Ariela Gordon-Shaag, 42, Yishuv Alon, Israel. My husband is DH (dear hubby), a 7th generation Jerusalemite and we have 5 kids: N (boy -15), R (girl -14), A (boy – 12), N (girl – 7) and E (boy 2.5)

    2. What do you remember about family meals when you were growing up? What was your mother’s cooking style? Dinners were made using canned soup as a main ingredient. My mother’s specialty was Tuna Surprise – the surprise being that it does not have tuna in it.

    Gefilte Fish Recipe and Interview with Reader Chana Rogow-Futch

    Please welcome Chana, also known as Cecelia Futch, the second in a series of interviews with readers of Cooking Manager. She’s a friend of Tikva, who was interviewed last week.

    Vegetable-Barley Soup

    I make rich winter soups all the time, with whatever I have on hand. I even have a couple of varieties in the freezer, but they have been there so long I can’t remember what they are. Why deprive myself of the joy of hot soup cooking on a cold winter afternoon?

    How to Make Patties from Anything and Everything

    I read an article by a woman trying to get a recipe for the patties her European-born grandmother would make. The grandmother started by removing a covered plate of cooked zucchini from the refrigerator. The granddaughter tried to get down exact quantities with no success. The granddaughter just knew that the dish was delicious. She didn’t know that there was no set recipe and they were different each time.

    Here is my guide to making patties. You can use fresh ingredients or pre-cooked. The basics are eggs, a filler like flour, breadcrumbs or oats, and flavorful meat, fish, vegetables, milk or cheese. The patties need to hold together.

    Spanish Rice with Variations

    Spanish rice doesn’t refer to a particular type of rice. It’s a cooking method. Instead of just cooking rice with water, you saute onions, add the rice, and brown it for a few minutes before continuing to cook. Spanish rice can be a side dish or a one-pot main course with the addition of meat or beans. My mother usually added an egg at the end for protein and to hold it together.