11 Food Processor Tips for Bakers

When my friend Efrat asked on Facebook about the best tools for making bread, most people replied that they use their hands or a mixer. It seems that many people still see a food processor as a tool for slicing and chopping and the occasional cake. But if used correctly, the food processor excels at […]

Interview: Yemeni Lahuh Bread with Penny

  • Name, family, website : Penny, mother of 2 boys, from Penniless Parenting.
  • Describe your family meals growing up. My mom used to make exotic dishes, and my friends jokingly referred to my mother’s seaweed and mold soup.
  • Converting Commercial Yeast Recipes to Sourdough

    Laurie Ashton is a Twitter friend who caught my attention with her recipe for sourdough challah. When Aleeza asked how to convert regular yeast recipes to sourdough I thought of Laurie, and sure enough, she came through with a clear and thorough explanation. Her guest post is below.
    Convert Standard Yeast Recipes to Sourdough

    Guest post by Laurie Ashton

    I’m not a long-time sourdough baker – I’ve only been baking sourdough (wild yeast) bread for the last couple of years. Since I don’t digest commercial-yeasted bread well, I use sourdough exclusively, which also means trial and error in converting recipes to sourdough.

    A Week of Weekday (Vegetarian) Meals

    Monday: In the morning, I cooked the beans in the pressure cooker for twenty minutes. I turned off the gas and left the house, releasing the pressure slowly. Later in the day, I spread half the beans in zippered bags on cookie trays in the freezer and refrigerated the rest.

    I had asked my husband to buy chili peppers at the shuk. As I live in the Middle East, I always felt I should be using them more but had never worked with them. So I asked for ideas on CookingManager.Com Facebook page, and Tikva recommended Spanish rice and salsa.

    Spanish rice: I peeled, chopped and sauteed an onion and garlic in a pan, then added two cups of dried rice. At this point my teen daughter asked what smelled so good.

    Cook While You Rest: Four Ways to Get Started When You are Short on Time

    It’s Tuesday, the day for Time-Saving Tips and Techniques at CookingManager.com. Today I share techniques to get a jump start on cooking, with just a few minutes of investment. Allow chemical processes to do the work until you can give the recipe more attention. Soak beans. Soaking cuts cooking time and lessens flatulence. To prepare […]

    Seven Ways to Use Leftover Bread

    You can try and avoid having stale bread in the house. My mother would keep half a loaf out at a time, and freeze the half loaf of bread after slicing. Then you could take out a slice or two at a time. Still, even with the best planning bread gets stale. A lot of […]