10 Great Reasons to Cook Fresh Black Beans

The kids are back in school, and while the heat hasn’t let up, the smell of routine is in the air. I just finished cooking a pot of black beans, and am enjoying anticipating how I will use them. Beans take a while to prepare, although less than you might think because soaking isn’t strictly necessary. If you’re […]

Friday Review #36

It’s time for a review of posts you might have missed on Cooking Manager. Summer Cooking Healthy and Easy Summer Salads. Leora posted even more summer salad ideas. Some Like It Cold: Summer Soups Cool Summer Cooking Tips Prepare Vegetable Salads in Advance   Recipes: Beets Marinated with Ginger and Garlic Wilted Red Peppers with Garlic   […]

Cool Summer Cooking Tips

During the winter I have lots of energy for cooking. It’s a pleasure to turn on the stove and warm up the house. But in the summer, I just wish the food would magically appear in front of me.

Readers on the Facebook page for Cooking Manager (join us!) asked for a list of ways to cook while keeping cool. You can bet that in a few weeks, I’ll be reviewing my own tips for inspiration. Please add your own tips in the comments.

First let’s look at appliances. Some appliances generate more heat than others, and they should be avoided.

Veganism, Freezing, Cooking with Kids, Food Waste and More:Friday Review #34

Cooking Manager was recommended by the website, Best of the Web. Here’s a review of posts you may have missed over the last few weeks: Yesterday’s post, Should Vegetarians Warn Dinner Hosts in Advance?, drew out some hosting horror stories in the comments. I help reader Hadassah plan her party, with Ten Things You Should […]

Rosh Hashanah Tips and Recipes

If you’re celebrating the Jewish new year of Rosh Hashanah, you’ve probably started to plan. Traditional foods for Rosh Hashanah include anything sweet and round. Specific foods include round challahs, apples dipped in honey, fish, the head of a fish or lamb, fish in general, cabbage, carrots, black-eyed peas (apparently common in secular new year’s celebrations), pomegranates, dates, and beets. And I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few.

I’ve collected some links for Rosh Hashanah. Some are from my other website. I’ll be posting a low-oil honeycake recipe on Wednesday.

Passover Recipes and Cooking Techniques (2015)

Observing the upcoming Jewish Passover holiday requires a change in cooking style, as many foods are forbidden. You may also have limited equipment, and be cooking for a crowd or hosting for the first time.

Below I’ve collected what I think are the most useful posts and Kosher for Passover recipes from Cooking Manager and my Jewish website, A Mother in Israel. I hope you find them useful whether or not you celebrate.

Note: For Passover, replace flour in recipes with matzah meal. All Passover recipes are gluten-free unless they contain matzah meal.
Passover Recipes:

Links on Obesity, Packaging Waste and Poverty With Friday Roundup #27

I’ve collected a few food-related links to share with you.

We tend to think that since food is biodegradable, we don’t have to worry about throwing it out. At Wasted Food, Jonathan explains why food waste is worse for the environment than disposable packaging: When Packaging Helps.

At one of my favorite cooking blogs, Cheap Healthy Good, explains Why Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have to be Expensive.

Vered at Blogger for Hire gets attacked when she wonders about a fat girl in an ice cream parlor: Fat Acceptance. Check out the discussion in the comments about the reasons for obesity. To read about my mother’s methods for raising slim children, see Individual Portions or Family Style and Putting Food in Perspective. Our society puts too much emphasis on dieting and not enough on preventing obesity in the first place.

Parenting Squad writes on whether Michele Obama’s comments about her daughter’s BMI were embarrassing to her daughter.

Creative Pie Crusts

Everyone loves flaky pie-crusts, but they are high in fat and calories.

These days I prefer a crustless quiche. But if you are looking for a low-fat alternative to the standard butter crust, I have some ideas.

All the recipes use a similar method: Mix ingredients and press or smooth them with your fingers or a spatula into a pie plate. Bake in the microwave or conventional oven just until set, then add the other ingredients.

Five Basic Recipes for the Food Processor

On Sundays I write about cooking appliance and equipment. This is the third in a series on food processors. Click for Part I and II. Here are a few examples of techniques I use to adapt any recipe to the food processor. All can made in the main bowl with the “S”  or helicopter blade. […]

Seven Ways to Use Leftover Bread

You can try and avoid having stale bread in the house. My mother would keep half a loaf out at a time, and freeze the half loaf of bread after slicing. Then you could take out a slice or two at a time. Still, even with the best planning bread gets stale. A lot of […]