What’s In Your Refrigerator? (II)

Last year readers enjoyed sharing what they had in their refrigerators after the holiday, so I thought I would ask again. Remember, you don’t have to be after a major holiday to play. I’ll start off by sharing what’s on my stove. I put up a pot of soup to preserve some of the leftovers. […]

Rosh Hashanah Tips and Recipes

If you’re celebrating the Jewish new year of Rosh Hashanah, you’ve probably started to plan. Traditional foods for Rosh Hashanah include anything sweet and round. Specific foods include round challahs, apples dipped in honey, fish, the head of a fish or lamb, fish in general, cabbage, carrots, black-eyed peas (apparently common in secular new year’s celebrations), pomegranates, dates, and beets. And I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few.

I’ve collected some links for Rosh Hashanah. Some are from my other website. I’ll be posting a low-oil honeycake recipe on Wednesday.

Guest Recipe: Grandma Rose’s Hamantashen

Thanks to Norma for sending in this recipe. Purim, the Jewish holiday celebrated this Saturday evening through evening. Hamantashen are meant to remind us of the three-cornered hat supposedly worn by Haman, the villain in the biblical book of Esther that will be read in the synagogue.

Hamantashen are made from any kind of rollable cookie dough. Cut the dough into circles, then fill and pinch into a triangle shape so the filling shows through on top.

This Hamentaschen recipe comes from Grandma Rose. The cookie is based on a classic sour cream cookie— light and airy. It’s one of the few Hamentaschen recipes where you actually enjoy eating the cookie that surrounds the filling! I sometimes make the cookie dough and leave the rounds plain.

Friday Roundup #22: Winter Holiday Edition

The eight-day holiday of Chanukah ended last Saturday. Kids have vacation from school, but my husband took my 8-year-old to visit my father-in-law for a week. For about two weeks my apartment felt like a revolving door, considering my guests and my kids’ schedules.

Adventures in Holiday Leftovers

In our house we just finished a round of holidays. I couldn’t bear to put the leftovers into the freezer, but I wasn’t sure I had enough for a full meal. Here’s what I had: 60 grams of cooked chicken breast and a neck. chicken stock with some onion and winter squash several cups of […]