Friday Roundup #28: Purim and the Olympics

The Kosher Cooking Carnival is up at Adventures in Mamaland. PhD in Parenting wrote on the irony of fast-food companies sponsoring the Olympics. What do you think? Below are posts from Cooking Manager for February 14-27: In Why You Should Finish Everything on Your Plate, I explain why you should scrape plates to save food […]

Guest Recipe: Grandma Rose’s Hamantashen

Thanks to Norma for sending in this recipe. Purim, the Jewish holiday celebrated this Saturday evening through evening. Hamantashen are meant to remind us of the three-cornered hat supposedly worn by Haman, the villain in the biblical book of Esther that will be read in the synagogue.

Hamantashen are made from any kind of rollable cookie dough. Cut the dough into circles, then fill and pinch into a triangle shape so the filling shows through on top.

This Hamentaschen recipe comes from Grandma Rose. The cookie is based on a classic sour cream cookie— light and airy. It’s one of the few Hamentaschen recipes where you actually enjoy eating the cookie that surrounds the filling! I sometimes make the cookie dough and leave the rounds plain.