Tips on Baking with Whole Wheat Flour

Welcome to new readers who arrived from’s excellent post by Jane Mountain on 5 Foods You’ll Never Have to Buy Again.  Have you ever tried cooking with whole-wheat flour, only to find the results didn’t turn out as well as you hoped? Cooking with whole wheat requires some adjustments in planning and expectations. The […]

How to Cook Bulgur: Fast Food in a Whole Grain

Bulgur wheat is one of my favorite grains. I consider it one of nature’s “fast foods.” Also known as cracked wheat, bulgur is made from steaming or parboiling whole kernels of grain, then grinding them into various sizes. Because it’s pre-cooked, it needs little additional cooking. Some recipes, like traditional tabbouleh salad, only require soaking. […]

Five Basic Recipes for the Food Processor

On Sundays I write about cooking appliance and equipment. This is the third in a series on food processors. Click for Part I and II. Here are a few examples of techniques I use to adapt any recipe to the food processor. All can made in the main bowl with the “S”  or helicopter blade. […]