Tips on Baking with Whole Wheat Flour

Welcome to new readers who arrived from’s excellent post by Jane Mountain on 5 Foods You’ll Never Have to Buy Again.  Have you ever tried cooking with whole-wheat flour, only to find the results didn’t turn out as well as you hoped? Cooking with whole wheat requires some adjustments in planning and expectations. The […]

Does Banning Snacks in Schools Prevent Obesity?

In this article, pediatrician and childhood feeding expert Dr. Katja Rowell protests a decision by the St. Paul’s city schools, explaining that banning candy and high-fat foods won’t prevent obesity. She argues that labeling foods as unhealthy can backfire, leading to inappropriate dieting and eating disorders. Rowells writes: First, the banning of “treat” foods and […]

Going Brown: The Challenge of Eating More Whole Grains

We are always being told to eat more whole grains. But what does that mean, and more important, how can we do it with our already busy schedules? There are two main health reasons for switching to whole grains: They contain more  fiber, and have a lower glycemic load. Fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate that […]

Dangers of a Vegan Diet?

Veganism, a diet containing no animal-based foods including meat, fish, dairy or eggs, is a growing trend.You can find vegan recipes for just about anything including Thanksgiving turkey. Environmentalists like veganism too. But this week, a popular vegan blogger stopped being a vegan. Tasha of Voracious Eats was always careful to take iron and Vitamin […]

Twelve Tips for Getting More Vitamins from Your Food

Cooking at home is the best way to make sure that your food is high in quality and nutrition. Just by cutting out extra salt, fat and sugar and preservatives in processed foods, you’re ahead of the game. But all home cooking isn’t equal. Some techniques preserve the vitamins and minerals in your food, while others destroy them.

It’s not always practical to follow every technique each time. But the tips below can help you make better decisions.

1. Wash vegetables shortly before cooking or eating, and avoid soaking.

12 Tips for Getting Kids Used to Healthy Food

em>Hannah, how do you start to cook healthy for kids who are used to home-cooked fast food (pasta, burgers, shnitzel/potatoes)?

It’s discouraging because sometimes the “meals* are the least eaten.
By best meals I mean the ones I plan. The well-rounded, healthiest, most diverse ingredients. These are the meals that are most likely to be mostly thrown out. It’s very discouraging as my available time for cooking is very short.

Tanya, I can sympathize. My kids used to eat a lot of those things. They still eat some of them. Here are some ideas for making gradual changes.

  1. Pick the least healthy food that you serve. If it’s processed and expensive, even better. Then stop buying it. You can’t control what your kids eat, but you can control what food is available.