Get My New Book on Wise Use of Appliances

I’m excited to let you know about the publication of my first e-book. It’s called Cook Smart! Learn the Secrets of Your Kitchen Appliances and is currently available through Amazon Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon has a free program that will allow you to read the book on your computer. Cook Smart […]

Friday Review #36

It’s time for a review of posts you might have missed on Cooking Manager. Summer Cooking Healthy and Easy Summer Salads. Leora posted even more summer salad ideas. Some Like It Cold: Summer Soups Cool Summer Cooking Tips Prepare Vegetable Salads in Advance   Recipes: Beets Marinated with Ginger and Garlic Wilted Red Peppers with Garlic   […]

Don’t Let Your Freezer Turn into a Dungeon

Don’t let your freezer become a dungeon of forgotten food. Tips for keeping track of the contents.

Use Your Freezer to Make Easy Meals

Ms. Krieger left the following comment: Do you have a system for using frozen food? I dream of having a rotating system for freezing food so I always have a quick meal ready to defrost…but I find if I freeze food I tend to forget about it if it is not used within a week […]

Ten Tips to Clean Your Appliances without Breaking Them

Ever damage or break an appliance in the middle of cleaning it? I know I have. And if you’re expecting company and the repairman can’t get there, you’re stuck. Here are ten tips for cleaning your appliances safely.

Microwave Myths

How do microwaves work?
Microwaves work by radiating microwave energy into food. This energy only heats up the moisture in food, so dried foods may burn or explode. The waves pass through glass, ceramic, plastic and paper, but metal deflects them.
Defrosting in the microwave.
Do microwaves undercook food?

Getting the Most Out of Your Conventional Oven

Most American main course recipes recommend use of a conventional oven. Yet most of the energy used by your oven goes to heating up the air inside the oven and around it. Conventional ovens tend to be large and take a long time to get hot, and they are not the most efficient way of […]

Do You Need a Second Freezer?

Conventional wisdom says that running an extra freezer saves money, because you can take advantage of sales and bulk-cooking. But it’s not a wise investment for everyone. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you decide. Do you keep track of your current freezer? Take a look in the back.  If you have mostly […]