Cooking with Preschoolers: Distraction or Interaction?

This is the fourth part of a series on cooking with children. Previous posts in the series: 9 Great Reasons to Cook with Your Kids How to Cook with a Baby in the House How to Cook with a Toddler in the House         Modeling aprons–you can win one Please welcome Yosefa […]

Ten Essential Tips for Preventing Kitchen Accidents

Last Friday evening, after I lit the Sabbath candles, we heard a sudden deafening noise from the kitchen. I headed over to investigate despite my husband warning me away. He was sure the kitchen was about to explode.

Ten Tips to Clean Your Appliances without Breaking Them

Ever damage or break an appliance in the middle of cleaning it? I know I have. And if you’re expecting company and the repairman can’t get there, you’re stuck. Here are ten tips for cleaning your appliances safely.