My Vegan Son Cooks Vanilla-Scented Orange Soup

My son became a vegan just a few weeks ago. After graduating high school last spring, he decided to spend the year volunteering in a town with a low socio-economic population. He and the other teens in his program volunteer during the day, and cook together in the evening. My son helps weak students in a high […]

Wilted Red Peppers with Garlic

Nothing says summer like red peppers. My group vegetable order featured red peppers a few weeks ago, so I remembered this relish recipe in The Well-Filled Microwave. The microwave cooks the peppers up quickly, with no need to stand over the stove.  In the microwave, the peppers retain their shape and flavor. My study group […]

8 Great Ways to Cook Fennel

I was bringing my daughter home from the library when I noticed a bag of fennel bulbs on a low wall near the school. They had been out in the rain all day, so I decided to salvage them. When my fourth-grader visited the community farm with his school, he brought samples home every week. […]

Twenty Minute Dinner Challenge: Tuna Stir-Fry

A reader with small children asked for specific dinner ideas. She had the following requirements: 20 minutes preparation time No food processor Not using the food processor means that you are less likely to cook with vegetables because it is more work. And while most recipes on this site that call for a food processor […]