Is It Better to Cook Whole Chickens or Parts?

With apologies to my vegetarian readers. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow with a recipe for winter squash quiche. Recently I compared the advantages of cooking fresh over bulk cooking and freezing. Today I consider cooking whole chickens versus chicken parts. Advantages of Cooking Whole Chickens Usually costs more, if bought in parts Cutting […]

Thoughts on Joining a Food Co-op

We recently noticed that big things were happening in the elementary school across the street. Every Wednesday afternoon, trucks arrive and a group sets up boxes of produce. Starting at about 7 PM, people start loading up their cars or shopping carts. One day we asked about joining. It turned out there were no qualifications, […]

How to Cook with a Baby in the House

I’m continuing my series about cooking with children. Part I: 9 Great Reasons to Cook with Your Kids

I once took a counseling call from a mother having a hard time with her new baby. She complained that the baby starts to cry while she is doing important tasks. When I asked her for an example of a something she has trouble finding time for, she mentioned chopping onions for lunch.

I suggested that the onions could be prepared early and stored in the refrigerator until needed. If she has six hours until lunch, couldn’t she find five minutes when she is not caring for the baby? “Wait until the baby goes to sleep, then take care of the onions immediately,” I offered. She said, “You’re saying that I need to plan in advance. I don’t like to do that.”

So I told her that I have six children.

Tips for Storing Fruits and Vegetables

When you come home from the grocery store or market, it’s tempting to put everything in the refrigerator and forget about it. But taking extra time to deal with the produce will help you get the most from your money and give you a jump start on cooking.

Washing produce: I wash most produce shortly after getting home. It will keep slightly longer if I don’t, but this way I don’t have to remind kids to wash things, they’re ready to cook with, and I have less water dripping over the floor. And it saves time and water.

Ten Questions to Ask Before Going to the Store

I’m starting a short series on grocery shopping, with a focus on fruits and vegetables. Today I’m giving you questions to ask yourself when planning a shopping trip. Go here for more on menu-planning.

1. What food do you have in the house? Check what you need to use up. Look in your refrigerator to see what fresh and cooked produce is spoiled or leftover. Why didn’t it get used up? Keep receipts to compare from trip to trip.

Quick Update on Bar Mitzvah Planning

Here’s what we did on this extremely hot and humid day. My husband and all of the kids took part. Wrapped candy with printed labels to make them look like Torah scrolls. Unnecessary, but thanks to my daughter they came out perfect and it makes the event a little more special. We’ll pass them out […]

Avoid the Emergency Run to the Store

Skipping that extra trip to the store helps you develop your cooking skills and use up older ingredients that might have ended up in the garbage. You’ll save time, stress, and money.

Keys to Efficient Shopping: Price Books, Rotation, Inventory

My friend Amy moved out of the city just as food prices jumped. Even though she visits the city often, between two small children and working at home she found it more convenient to shop locally. She called me because realized her food bill has gotten out of hand. She wasn’t fully aware of how […]