Quick Update on Bar Mitzvah Planning

Here’s what we did on this extremely hot and humid day. My husband and all of the kids took part.

  • Wrapped candy with printed labels to make them look like Torah scrolls. Unnecessary, but thanks to my daughter they came out perfect and it makes the event a little more special. We’ll pass them out to the children after the prayer service.
  • Counted out utensils for each meal. On Friday night, we’re eating outside and it will be windy. So we are setting the table right when we sit down. I made bags for each of the four tables, so the guests can set the tables themselves at the last minute.
  • Made piles of 200 alternating napkins and plates for the kiddush.
  • Made lists of serving utensils for each meal.
  • Consulted with my caterer neighbor on several questions. Her tip for gefilte fish balls: If the batter is too hard, add water drop by drop until you get the right consistency. Don’t add more eggs.
  • Bought fresh meat and fish. The air-conditioner in our car decided to work at half capacity, but I think the food survived. My guests required that I buy from a certain kind of store, that I had never visited, and it was a little confusing. I am not quite sure I have enough chicken for Friday night. This is the part that kills you. I mean, I almost certainly have plenty, but what about those teenage boys? Sigh.
  • Marinated the chicken.
  • Soaked the beans for the stew.
  • Picked up fans from a family that lends them out for free. As long as we return them in good condition our deposit will be returned.
  • Bought vegetables.
  • Peeled onions (25) and carrots (15) in preparation for cooking.
  • Finalized sleeping arrangements for guests.
  • Prepared porch for the evening meal.
  • Did necessary work on the computer. Life goes on.

The heat and humidity have been oppressive all week. In a way it’s good that I’m so busy because I don’t have time to think about it, but the trip to the store wiped me out for the rest of the day.  I still have to make the house guestworthy. At least the heat is scheduled to break on Friday, just in time.


  1. For our oldest son’s bar mitzvah, I was very nervous, because we couldn’t finalize the sleeping arrangements until the last week. B”H, in the end, we had extra housing options, and so by the time the next bar mitzvah rolled around, I had learned not to panic.

    Mazal tov!