Thoughts on Joining a Food Co-op

We recently noticed that big things were happening in the elementary school across the street. Every Wednesday afternoon, trucks arrive and a group sets up boxes of produce. Starting at about 7 PM, people start loading up their cars or shopping carts. One day we asked about joining. It turned out there were no qualifications, […]

How to Cook with a Baby in the House

I’m continuing my series about cooking with children. Part I: 9 Great Reasons to Cook with Your Kids

I once took a counseling call from a mother having a hard time with her new baby. She complained that the baby starts to cry while she is doing important tasks. When I asked her for an example of a something she has trouble finding time for, she mentioned chopping onions for lunch.

I suggested that the onions could be prepared early and stored in the refrigerator until needed. If she has six hours until lunch, couldn’t she find five minutes when she is not caring for the baby? “Wait until the baby goes to sleep, then take care of the onions immediately,” I offered. She said, “You’re saying that I need to plan in advance. I don’t like to do that.”

So I told her that I have six children.

Should Vegetarians Warn Dinner Hosts in Advance?

Chaya left this comment on my post When Hosting, How Much is Too Much?: I am a vegetarian and often face a dilemma when I am invited out.  I don’t like to tell my host that I am vegetarian so as not to make them feel that they need to make something especially for me […]

Thirteen Smart Ways to Manage Your Leftovers

Every home cook has to deal with leftovers. In a small household, fewer people help eat them and one person’s change in schedule throws everything off. In a larger household, bigger quantities are harder to manage.

As always, advance planning will save you time and money. I’ve collected these tips to help you get a handle on your leftover food.

1. Change your attitude. If the idea of leftovers depresses you, call it cooking in advance. Cooked food in the fridge is a blessing, not a trial.

Foods for Putting Quick Meals Together

In Pre-Leftovers and Rotating Food I described how I often cook something new and combine it with something on hand, putting a series of meals together like a train.

Below are cooked foods I like to have on hand for putting together quick meals:

Planning My Weekend Bar Mitzvah Meals for 40 Guests

Tuesday is the day for Time-Saving Tips and Techniques. Today I will share details of my own cooking project. My family will be celebrating my son’s Bar Mitzvah in a few weeks.  Since observant Jews don’t drive on the Sabbath, we’ve invited part of the extended family to stay overnight so that they will be […]

Avoid the Emergency Run to the Store

Skipping that extra trip to the store helps you develop your cooking skills and use up older ingredients that might have ended up in the garbage. You’ll save time, stress, and money.