A Look at an Efficient Cooking Session

As a challenge, I decided to see if I could prepare two Shabbat (sabbath) meals in an hour, not including cooking time.

Here’s the menu:

  • Roast chicken with garlic, lemon juice, and oregano
  • Potatoes in the pressure cooker
  • Roast vegetables: Turnip, onion, garlic, beet, sweet potato, yellow pepper, rosemary.
  • Cholent (a stew in the crockpot)
  • Techina (sesame paste dressing).
  • Cake, challah and soup from the freezer. I try to separate baking from cooking when I can, because they use different ingredients and tools.
  • Salad, made by my kids closer to the meals.

Bar Mitzvah Menu for 35

I’ve more or less finalized the menu. While I would like to follow a commenter’s suggestion and keep it light, the number of teenage boys and the necessity to prepare in advance, along with tradition, means that it probably won’t be. I’ll have fresh salads and vegetables at every meal and leave it to people to make their own choices.