Simple and Creative Ways to Garnish Your Food

I like to write practical advice. But sometimes, aesthetics matter. My mother made a special pint of ensuring that the colors and textures of teach meal were harmonious. She also had all kinds of little tricks to lay out the food attractively. While I am much more laid back, I still use her tricks when […]

Top 10 Tips for a Great Pot-Luck Party

People today have less and less time to entertain. The thought of shopping, cooking  and getting your house ready for a crowd is daunting! And that’s without the clearing up afterward. Pot luck might be the answer. You, the host, still have to organize the food and do the groundwork, but your guests do most […]

Help! I Have No Room in the Refrigerator

Today is Thanksgiving, and that means company. Company, of course, means food and cooking. Back when I reviewed Jonathan Bloom’s book American Wasteland, I mentioned his contention that large refrigerators lead to more waste. I agree that large refrigerators tend to be wasteful. Not only because you end up storing more than you need, and […]

Ten Things You Should Know About Freezing for a Crowd

Reader Hadassah is planning to freeze meals in advance of a Bat Mitzvah dinner for about 100 people. She plans on serving quiches and casseroles, but soups and baked goods also freeze well. Here are ten important tips for freezing Speed is important. The faster you get your food frozen, the fresher it will taste […]

The Bar Mitzvah Cooking Session

This post contains details of how I cooked the meals for my son’s bar mitzvah. This system can work whether you are cooking a large number of meals for one or two people, or one meal for a lot.

The most time-consuming parts of most cooking jobs are shopping, preparing vegetables, and washing up. So make sure to allow enough time for these.

9 Tips for Simple Entertaining

My friend lived in a community where the women outdid themselves in making elaborate meals for company. But everyone preferred to the hostess who served a simple meatloaf and nothing else. She had something special as a hostess. It wasn’t the food, but it made people want to come back. At the end of the day, […]