Cooking Spreadsheet

When I have a lot of cooking like I do today, I often prepare a chart to add up how many of each vegetable I need to prepare. Today, the day before the two-day holiday of Rosh Hashanah, I got the idea of making it into a spreadsheet, and Leora suggested I blog about it.

I was able to embed it right into this post using Google Docs. (If you can’t see it, click here.)

The top row shows each vegetable (or fruit, in the case of lemons). Subsequent rows show the name of the dish on the left, and the number of each vegetable needed. Vegetable totals are calculated in the bottom row

You should also see updates as (if) I make them. The stir-fry and some of the rice was tonight’s dinner. Cholent is the sabbath stew. I think I will be skipping the potato kugel, and the baking was done a few days ago.

I guess my mother isn’t the only one who likes to make charts.


  1. I am so impressed!

  2. lord, i wish i could be that organized! very impressive!

  3. I’m impressed with how good you got a spreadsheet to look on your blog post.

    There’s a post idea in itself for my new tech blog. Which you could possibly write…

  4. Ilana-Davita says

    Very impressive.

  5. It would take me six hours alone just to set up that chart. Actually, it’s perfect me–another reason to procrastinate the actual cooking that needs to get done.

  6. Shana tova – very impressive

  7. Beautiful! I’d say it’s a work of art. We were asked to cook (actually, my husband was) for a small wedding, but I don’t know if we will.
    This spreadsheet is a good way to organized the dishes, however…hmmmm. . . .


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