Friday Update #19, News and Preview

Photo by Mimi

Photo by Mimi

Reader Ilana emailed me about avocados. She’s never used them before, and doesn’t know how to tell if they are ripe. I took pictures of ripe and unripe avocados and will explain the difference on Sunday.  Next week I’ll also be posting a simple recipe for chocolate ice cream, and two guest posts of mine are scheduled to appear on other blogs.

Kate, I haven’t forgotten your request for easy breakfasts and have been experimenting with oatmeal.

On CookingManager.Com’s Facebook page, we’ve been making sourdough starter and talking about kitchen tools. Thanks to Mimi of Israeli Kitchen for providing an original photo, pictured above. Join today!

Posts November 8 through November 22 on CookingManager.Com:

Reader Terri asked for Bar Mitzvah Bruch Ideas.

I gave a recipe for Sourdough Muffins with variations. A good start for those who are new to sourdough.

I also posted Nine Tips to Help Food Last Longer.

Don’t Stir the Pot: Make It in the Microwave Instead explains why recipes that call for constant stirring work better in the microwave. My first example is White Sauce in the Microwave. Reader Debbie commented:

Yesterday I made the white sauce and mushroom soup. My 21 yo expert cook and baker son (who has been cooking and baking since before his Bar Mitzvah) was very impressed with the results! Thanks, Hannah.

Be sure to let me know if my recipes, tips or information work for you or not. Have a good weekend!