Friday Roundup #1

I’ve set up a weekly posting plan for CookingManager.Com.

On Sundays, I post about kitchen appliances and equipment. This week I published the first part of a series on microwave cooking: Microwave Myths. This Sunday I’ll share tips on choosing microwave-safe equipment.

Monday is Money-Saving Day. In  Eat Less Meat and More Vegetable Protein, I give suggestions for making gradual changes in your family’s menus.

Tuesdays are for Time-Saving Tips and Techniques. This week: 11 Tips for Painless Kitchen Cleanup.

Wednesday is Recipe Day. Mimi from Israeli Kitchen shared a cool summer idea that can be an appetizer or vegetarian main course: Chickpeas Stewed in Tomato Sauce. Click here to schedule a guest recipe.

And each Friday I’ll be posting a roundup of the previous week’s posts.

Enjoy the weekend.