An Award and Ten Things About Me

sugar doll awardI don’t usually do this kind of thing here, but when Penniless Parenting awarded me a “Sugar Doll” award I decided it’s time to be more sociable. Thank you for thinking of me!

The idea is to list ten things about yourself that people generally don’t know. So here goes:

  1. When I moved to a new neighborhood after college, an acquaintance invited me to Friday night dinner at his neighbor’s apartment. When the neighbor heard about the invitation he responded, “Fine, but she’s going to be the only girl.” My contact said, “Hannah doesn’t mind. She’s one of the guys.” (For the record, he was a big joker.) The neighbor became my husband.
  2. Around the time we married, my husband heard a lecture decrying the use of paper plates. My husband told me he would always wash the dishes. He kept his promise.
  3. I come up with new ideas that I don’t have time to implement. This is a constant frustration.
  4. I drink one cup of coffee a day, in the morning. I used to drink instant until my son brought home Turkish coffee someone had given him. To make, mix a teaspoon of coffee into a cup of boiling water. Cook until frothy in a  saucepan or in the microwave. I use a large glass measuring cup so it won’t boil over. I don’t bother to strain it.
  5. I’m allergic to red food coloring (E-122 and 124) and buckwheat. When I was a little girl, after eating a lot of chocolate ice cream, my lips swelled so much I couldn’t close my mouth. The tiniest amount of food coloring affects me, even from a red stripe on cake frosting.
  6. I wear shoes with orthotics (inserts) and rarely walk barefoot. In the summer I get away with orthopedic sandals, but for years I suffered in the heat. I own about four pairs of shoes at any one time.
  7. I don’t color my hair or wear much makeup. But that may change.
  8. My youngest child is six. I’m amazed by things I do—and buy—for her, that I didn’t for my older children.
  9. I get tense when I’m expecting company. I got this from my mother, who was extremely shy and a perfectionist about hosting. She wasn’t a neat housekeeper and kept part of the house “company-ready.”
  10. I’m a breastfeeding counselor. I got the idea for Cooking Manager when mothers I worked with asked about cooking from scratch. I enjoy being around young mothers; they inspire me.

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  1. Thanks for letting us have a little glimpse into your life, Hannah. I especially liked your being “amazed at the things you do – and buy for” your youngest.

  2. Thanks, Mimi! I’m not extravagant with her, but she does have more shoes and school supplies than my older kids did at her age.

  3. Not sure I understand the paper plate issue. My boys are SO into paper plates. I think they have finally learned that real plates don’t get all soggy.

    Red food coloring should just be banned. Too bad about the buckwheat.

    Thanks for the award – maybe….