I’m on Food.Com!

Rosh Hashanah cooking and hosting--a sample table setting.I’m honored that my guest blog on stress-free hosting for Rosh Hashanah has been featured in the Eater’s Digest blog at Food.Com, formerly RecipeZaar.

And while it’s not directly food related unless you volunteer in a soup kitchen, please visit my post on volunteering. It’s an entry in JobMob’s guest blogging contest, and the post with the largest number of views wins: Ten Best Practices to Volunteer Your Way to a New Job. Thanks!

Interesting links:

Is Dining Solo a Waste of Time and Money? (via the Wall Street Journal)

Why Going to the Gym is a Waste of Time, Money and Resources (via Wisebread).  Do I sense a trend?

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Happy cooking!

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  1. Congratulations Hannah; you are getting famous. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! That’s terrific. I think you should be happy about the lack of papparazzi…