Friday Roundup #25 and Preview

Kashi Coupon Madness
Image by grand grrl via Flickr

It’s been a busy week here at Cooking Manager. Here’s a run-down of posts. Thank you for reading and commenting, both here and on the Facebook page.

Sunday: Coupon Coup or Frugal Folly? A video about coupon-clipping gone overboard.

Monday: From Tuna Surprise to Persian Chicken: Interview with Ariela. Thank you, Ariela, for sharing with us!

Tuesday: I wrote this post for a blogger whose stove top broke: Simple Microwave Recipes

Wednesday: Recipe by Dena: Oatmeal, Not Just for Breakfast Anymore. I am planning to try this one.

Thursday:Do Picky Eaters Inhibit Your Cooking Style? It seems I am not alone in having this problem.

In other news:

I’ll be hosting the Festival of Frugality this Tuesday, January 19. Submit posts through the Blog Carnival website. Last week’s issue appears at Yes, I Am Cheap. For some reason my guest post on composting, which I had submitted a while back, appeared once again.

Coincidentally, Fern, who hosted the composting post on her site, will be the subject of Monday’s interview.

On Wednesday I’ll post a recipe for rice pudding in the microwave, sent in by reader Ilana.

I’m also planning a post on how I prepared my sabbath meals efficiently this week, and another on what I serve when hosting evening meetings.

Finally, the What’s Cooking Blog asks readers to send in pictures and stories about cooking with YOUR kids.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope to see you back next week.