Friday Roundup #6, Plus an Announcement

I changed my posting schedule this week so that I could write about my son’s Bar Mitzvah. On Tuesday, I made the challah using six kilograms of flour.  My daughter mixed the ingredients, I kneaded by hand for 45 minutes (!), and my son shaped all of the braids and rolls. I took pictures. We ended up with two extra large challah, 4 medium, and about 30 large rolls. It all went into the freezer.

On Sunday, I shared my thoughts on Bar Mitzvah Menu Planning.

On Monday, I posted Ten Ways to Cook a Turnip. I’d serve them at the Bar Mitzvah, but they’re not available in the local market this time of year.

On Tuesday I posted the Bar Mitzvah menu. I’ve prepared the quiche in a loaf. Now that I have tasted it I can admit that I left out all of the cheese and increased the half-and-half by about a third.

And on Thursday, I posted a recipe for Caldo Verde, Portuguese Cabbage-Potato Soup.

Next week I will be busy cooking, so expect a lighter posting schedule.