Friday Roundup #8 and More Thoughts on Spoilage

Posting was light this week, post-Bar Mitzvah. Next week I will be away for a few days, but I have scheduled my first post on the food processor (Sunday) and a meatloaf recipe (Wednesday). I hope to get the posts for Monday and Tuesday  to the screen on time as well—the bar mitzvah gave me many new ideas.

My friend, who made a bar mitzvah a month before ours, also had a problem with food spoilage. She ended up buying a new refrigerator, but hers was older. She suggested that the bulgur spoiled because of the onions and finds that dishes with sauteed onions don’t keep well. I haven’t noticed this, have you?

Posts from the week of August 9 on CookingManager.Com:

On Sunday I posted Food Storage Problems, about the aftermath of my bar mitzvah preparations.

On Wednesday, I posted a recipe for Lentils with Onions and Garlic. I made it for the second time today, in honor of a vegetarian guest.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Looking forward to the meatloaf recipe.

  2. Hi – it sounds like overall everything worked out nicely – Mazal Tov and congratulations for getting it all together! I haven’t noticed a problem with sauteed onion food, but I have noticed problems with large quantities cooked for large groups in the hotter seasons.
    When the fridge is stuffed before Rosh Hashana and it’s still hot out and too many things are waiting outside for just a little bit too long, or they just don’t get cooled off fast enough in the overworked fridge, that’s when things seem to go bad faster. Almost everyone I know has a story to share about that. I have a friend who was frantically reworking her Pesach Seder menu in the kitchen as everyone was sitting outside reading the Hagadda because 3 of her main things were spoiled and she had a ton of company. She took from the food she had planned to serve at later meals, including a frozen main dish that luckily she had enough time to defrost, and then the later meals had to be redone (but at least she had more time to work with).

    We made a large family shabbat for our oldest son’s Aufrauf (the weekend before his wedding) at the end of August and food spoilage was my biggest worry. I kept a lot of food in the Shul Fridge, just to have extra space in a fridge that would be kept shut, even though it was less convenient for me.