Interview with Reader Jennie

Please welcome Jennie for today’s reader interview.

1. Tell me about yourself: I am 52 years old, mother of five children aged 32 till 12, divorced. Born and raised in NY, living in Israel since 1977. I am an RN, presently studying for my BSc in Nursing in university as well as working in a community clinic.
2. What do you remember about family meals and your mother’s cooking style when you were growing up? I remember my mother being a great cook and running a tight ship in the kitchen, which was pretty small, but could handle anything. My father was a physician and his office was the whole first floor of our house, so we didn’t have a living room or dining room. The kitchen was all of those. She cooked hearty fresh food, every day. She worked with my father in the office at home so almost every day I would come home from school to the aroma of cooking, which wafted down into the waiting room and was often the topic of discussion there.