Video Debut: How to Cut a Pomegranate

When pomegranates are at their peak, we buy 5 or 6 a week. I’ve developed my own method for opening them. It doesn’t make a mess, and you won’t have to fish hundreds of seeds out of a bowl.

A few notes:

  1. Put a plate underneath to catch seeds.
  2. Use your thumbs, not your fingers (I misspoke).
  3. After you break open the pomegranate into halves, then quarters, just peel off the membrane to reach more seeds. You can score more of the peel if necessary.

Enjoy! We like our pomegranate straight, or in cereal. Mango and pomegranate is a great combination.


  1. great video. we use this method too, and it is a great method, and clean. We buy about 6 pomegranates a week now when they are in season.

  2. Is that an appliance garage near your work area? It looks huge. Would you mind sharing what’s behind the door?

  3. Enjoyed your video. I usually cut it the way that you did, then separate the pieces in a bowl of water, and then put them in a strainer so I don’t have to content with floating seeds.

  4. Thanks Rafi.
    Leah, it’s a sliding shutter over the shelves next to my kitchen table. It’s for plates, glasses, coffee, etc.
    Glad you like the video, Faye. There’s certainly room for improvement.

  5. What a video debut! I’m grateful for the tip; I always made a mess before when cutting into pomegranates. The video was really helpful, too, and you were a lovely demonstrator. Hope there are more to come!

  6. I will definitely try this next time, but I do think it can be combined with the bowl of water method. I use my hands to rub the seeds under water and scoop out the pieces that float/pour them off. They I pour the arils into a strainer.

  7. liked your web site. are you interested in redoing mine?

    we were checking out the pomegranate peeling, altho daph thinks that her method might be easier.


    • Joel, if you knew how much I sweat over the design of this site. . . I always need lots of help and the template is purchased. Glad you like it!

      Maybe you could convince Daph to be videotaped using her method, will be happy to post. 🙂

  8. I used your technique on the last couple pomegranates I bought. I’m sold!