Friday Roundup #11 and an Interview

At Here in Highland Park, Leora interviewed me about setting up and running CookingManager.Com. Thanks to Leora for her thoughtful questions and to all those who left lovely comments. Baila‘s is my favorite:

Hannah’s new website is for anyone who ever stands in a kitchen. (Meaning you don’t even have to cook to gain something from it)

And Leora said:

You write so well and are a role model for those who want to do a project and then set about to do so.

I hope you enjoy the interview.

The recipe blog by some Manhattanites, Cheap Healthy Good, asked readers to define “healthy.” On my blog, healthy means eating a variety of unprocessed food and limiting frying and unhealthy fats.

Posts at CookingManager.Com for the week of August 29:

On Sunday I wrote Five Basic Food Processor Recipes, the last in a three-part series on food processors. I am sure I will be revisiting this topic in the future.

On Monday and Tuesday I wrote about how to prepare and use leftover pan drippings to jazz up new recipes.

I accidentally deleted Wednesday’s recipe, One-Pot Meal: Chicken with Vegetables, along with comments about when the recipe is cooked. When I republished it I added a note, and I hope it’s clearer now. Several readers wrote that they make a similar dish in a crockpot, which can work well. I usually make it for Friday night when my crockpot is already in use, and find that the browning adds flavor (but more calories).

Next week I’ll answer reader’s questions about buying pressure cookers, preparing  school lunches, and more. The lunch thing threw me for a few days, but it turns out I do have ideas. Maybe the start of school jogged my memory. For those of you with kids in school, I hope the new year has gotten off to a good start.

See you next week!


  1. I like this: a post about a post about posts.

    Your definition for healthy covers a lot of ground. Yes, different schools of thought on what is considered healthy, but overcooked fried fats don’t seem to show up in any health manual.

  2. Can I comment on your comment about a post etc. . .?
    Actually, avoiding processed foods eliminates a lot of recipes. I was looking on the internet for Rosh Hashanah recipes, and it was hard to find a non-dairy noodle kugel without margarine.