How to Cook for a Family with a New Baby

A friend of mine gave birth recently, and a few families in the community made meals for her. While it’s possible to order out nowadays, home-cooked meals are often tastier and more nutritious. Providing meals shows the family that they are cared for, and it’s a wonderful way to welcome the baby to the neighborhood. I’ll never forget the friend that called me up every week. starting in my last month of a difficult pregnancy, asking what she could cook for Sabbath dinner.

Here are some tips for making meals for families who have just given birth.

Lentil Bake

Wednesday is Recipe Day at Cooking Manager.

Reader Aviva-Hadass sent me a recipe for a vegetarian lentil casserole that can be mixed right in the baking pan. It bakes 70 minutes, or use your oven for something else at the same time. Or make it in the crockpot.
Lentil Bake

Recipe: Cottage Cheese and Noodles

Wednesday is Recipe Day at CookingManager.Com

This is one of my favorite comfort foods from childhood. A variation on traditional Jewish dairy noodle kugel, my Americanized mother simply called it cottage cheese and noodles. She usually served it on Thursdays, one of her two days for dairy meals.

When I married, she included Cottage Cheese and Noodles along with her baking mix recipe. I’ll share more of her recipes in the coming weeks.

I copied the ingredients as they appear, but for some reason she forgot to mention poppy seed. Don’t skip it. It makes this noodle casserole stand out from the rest.