Good to the Last Drop: 10 Tips for Getting that Last Bit of Food

In my post, Why You Should Finish Everything on Your Plate, I explain why scraping the last bits of food from the dish is more than just about saving money. A cleaner plate means less time picking out bits from the filters in your sink and dishwasher, and saves soap and water when washing. I don’t think we should teach kids to finish their food when they aren’t hungry, but we should train them to take a little less than they think they will eat until they get better at estimating quantities.

We deal with food remains when cooking and baking too: Bowls, measuring cups, jars and bottles with remnants of food. Here are my favorite techniques for getting that last bit into your recipe.

Book Review: An American Wasteland

Jonathan Bloom isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty as he examines American food waste from all angles, literally.  In his new book, American Wasteland, Bloom convinces us that food waste is a huge—but solvable—environmental and economic issue. I enjoyed Bloom’s trek through American farms, schools, restaurants, highways, groceries, homes, and landfills to see first-hand […]

Individual Plates or Family Style? A Comparison of Serving

Growing up my mother served meals on individual plates. She knew just how much to give everyone. We never felt deprived. The food was good and we knew we could always ask for more. My father would complain that my mother gave him too much, but he ate it all and managed to stay slim. […]