Welcome Wasted Food Readers!

Jonathan Bloom of Wasted Food was kind enough to post Be Thankful, Not Wasteful, with suggestions for avoiding Thanksgiving waste. Jonathan writes about news and public policy relating to food disposal. For instance, should children eat lunch before recess or after? They eat more afterward, yet most schools schedule recess after lunch. Or whether colleges should serve food on trays, which also results in more food getting thrown out.

I’m interested in the use of food and energy on the micro level, in the kitchen. This site is a tribute to my mother, an efficiency expert par excellence and a conservationist before her time.

You can explore the archives or categories from the drop-down box on the right. I’ve also picked out a few posts that I thought would appeal to Wasted Food readers:

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Nine Tips to Help Food Last Longer

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Links for an Easy and Frugal Thanksgiving

Enjoy and  have a happy Thanksgiving!


  1. It’s a good idea to make a menu. I do this for every Shabbat. I even write down to put the water in the fridge, to boil hot water, to make the spaghetti we eat for Friday’s lunch, prepare salad, etc. It always surprises me how much I end up with on the list, since I tend to think we don’t have such an elaborate meal. I cross off the items as I finish them. It really helps me to not forget anything.

  2. I hope the food readers get sober LOL

  3. I don’t use a menu for a regular Shabbat, but it would probably help. 🙂

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