Cooking for 35 People (My Son’s Bar Mitzvah)

Making Meatloaf

In August, 2009, I celebrated my son’s bar mitzvah. We had 35 guests for three meals, and I cooked the majority of the food myself from scratch. This page includes links for planning and implementing a similar cooking session.

My Bar Mitzvah Cooking Session

Cooking Spreadsheet shows a chart for calculating quantities of raw ingredients.

Tips for Easy Kitchen Cleanup: Start From the Beginning.

Menu and Recipes:

Bar Mitzvah Menu for 35

Gefilte fish balls,


Recipes are constantly being added. Click here for a complete list of recipes on this site.

Appliance tips:

Tips for Food Processor Efficiency

Tips for Using your Pressure Cooker

Make the Most of Your Conventional Oven

Menu Planning, Food Storage,  and More:

Bar Mitzvah Menu Planning

Preparing for Large Cooking Projects

Food Storage Problems

More Thoughts on Spoilage

Thoughts on Excess Food

Estimating Quantities

Quick Update on Bar Mitzvah Cooking

Ten Tips for Cooking and Freezing for a Crowd

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