Friday Review and a Preview

pie bake by JennieIn case you missed it, we had a fun week here at Cooking Manager:

We saw a TED video with Mark Bittman on reasons for cutting back on meat. His reasons related mainly to health and the environment. Healthwise, it probably pays to cut back significantly on all animal protein.

On Monday I gave instructions for a device to manage those little plastic bags in your pantry or freezer by making a spout from an old plastic bottle.

I shared the results of my experiment washing produce in the dishwasher. Don’t miss the comments.

And Yosefa contributed a recipe for Quinoa Tabbouleh.

Next week I’ll be writing about a surprise I found in my tomato, and we have an interview with reader Jennie that includes lots of tips and recipes.

Happy cooking!


  1. If I have the time I’ll watch Mark Bittman’s video. This is a topic which is also dear to me.