Friday Roundup #9 and a Request

This week on CookingManager.Com I wrote about Using Your Food Processor Efficiently, Estimating Quantities, and Low-Fat Turkey Meatloaf.

Next week will feature another post about food processors, my neighbor’s recipe for gefilte fish balls, and more.

Now for the request.

I know I can never please everyone, and that’s fine.  But if you are a regular reader, or could be, let me know in a comment or through the contact form what kind of posts  you like and what you would like to see featured. And while I love praise, constructive criticism helps the most.

If you’ve already suggested a topic in the comments I’ve probably put it on my list for future posts.


  1. I’d love to see some recipes or strategies for dealing with allergies. Nut-free Pesach, or alternative proteins for those with milk allergies.

    I’ve been lurking here. I really enjoy it. I loved your post on preventing spoilage in large quantities of food- it’s not something people stress a lot.

  2. Terry Samuel says

    I hate making school lunches! Hate preprocessed snacks for my kids. Lunch has to be dairy… I bet you have some great ideas!

  3. I don’t comment to much over here, and I know you don’t want praise, but I don’t really have much constructive criticism since I learn so much over here. My biggest criticism, I guess is that between your 2 blogs I’m spending much less time with housework and my children are starving.