9 Tips for Simple Entertaining

My friend lived in a community where the women outdid themselves in making elaborate meals for company. But everyone preferred to the hostess who served a simple meatloaf and nothing else. She had something special as a hostess. It wasn’t the food, but it made people want to come back. At the end of the day, […]

Individual Plates or Family Style? A Comparison of Serving

Growing up my mother served meals on individual plates. She knew just how much to give everyone. We never felt deprived. The food was good and we knew we could always ask for more. My father would complain that my mother gave him too much, but he ate it all and managed to stay slim. […]

My Mother’s Re-Recycled Meat Soup

My mother served soup at every meal. For Friday night dinner, she served clear chicken broth with noodles. For dairy meals, she opened a can of tomato or mushroom. But  her meat soups were the foundation of her cooking system. What was in the soup? Hard to say. Probably some chicken broth, and odd bits […]