The Potato Cake Mystery

Potato cakes are a food I remember fondly from my childhood. My mother made these crispy treats often, for two reasons: First, the main ingredient was leftover potatoes, and second, they cooked in the broiler.

Caldo Verde: Portuguese Cabbage Soup

My Portuguse/Israeli friend Betzalel sent me his mother’s cabbage soup recipe. It only has four ingredients, not counting water. When you have almost nothing in the house but want a quick nutritious soup, this is a good one to try. He didn’t include quantities. I think they are rather flexible. I would start by covering the potatoes […]

Ten Ways to Cook a Turnip

This headline from the Tuscaloosa News, The Real Food Challenge: Ten Ways to Cook a Turnip, made my “ears” perk up. The post turned out to be about the challenge of learning to cook with unfamiliar vegetables the author finds at the local farmer’s market. I decided to help her out with a list of ten ways to serve turnips, one of my favorite foods. Turnips are cheap, nutritious and easy to grow.