Festival of Frugality, Couscous, and More

vegan pastaMy post on slow cookers is featured in the 251st Festival of Frugality over at Fiscal Fizzle. Check it out for great money-saving ideas.

Leah at Ingathered gives great ideas for packing couscous in a lunchbox.

Commenter Yosefa started My Non-Recipe Blog: “I don’t have recipes to share, these are just the stories of how I made dinner.”

Food Labs debunks the Top Six Food Myths. Some will be familiar to long-time readers of Cooking Manager.

I had to republish my post on Jamie Oliver and food education because of technical problems. Oliver suggests sharing recipes to get people back into the kitchen, and gave my ten suggestions. In the meantime, Mimi of Israeli Kitchen also chose ten recipes from her repertoire. Feel free to join in, whether the recipes are from your site or elsewhere.

Review of posts from Cooking Manager since October 26, 2010:

Recipes: Yogurt Sauce with Mint, Spaghetti with Feta, Olives and Garlic Beans, and Vegetarian Nut Loaf.

Are Slow Cookers Really Energy Efficient?

Make Your Gravy or Sauce into a Complete Meal

6 Easy Tips to Help You Eat Less Salt

Interview with Reader Jennie (Her hamin recipe is now in the comments.)

Ten Creative Ideas for Cooking Pasta Frugally. Pasta is already frugal, but the most common cooking method isn’t (as Food Labs pointed out, see above).

A Tomato Surprise

Have a great weekend.

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  1. I learned something on Top 6 food myths. I really had thought that searing make things juicier. That saves time and calories.

  2. Fantastic! I loved the food myths link. Thank you.